Install social feeds Google +, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Installing social feeds on your website can be a great business move for a company because it can collect all the content from social media which you are currently active on, and bring it into the central hub of your website. Social plugin widgets for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can make this a hassle-free process for you, and the resulting social experience can be highly persuasive in appealing to visiting prospects, especially when coupled with the dynamic content already available on your site.

Example of a Instagram feed

How does it work? Take a picture from your phone using the Instagram app and it automatically loads to your website.



Example of a Twitter feed


September 14, 2020, 3:02 pm
Connect Digital Data, LLC @ConnectWebsites
Whatever your residential #roofing needs are, Richards #Roof Service, located on the outskirts of #Olympia, WA, are here to fulfill your roofing needs. Give us a call at (360) 490-9076 or visit us at
August 16, 2020, 5:16 pm
Connect Digital Data, LLC @ConnectWebsites
Now is the time to have your #tile #roofing roof cleaned, repaired, or replaced before fall hits us. Call Richards Roof Service in #Olympia, WA at (360) 490-9076 or Visit


Increase user engagement

One reason that installing social media feeds on your website can be so advantageous for your business is because it significantly extends the reach you will enjoy on the Internet, and that’s exactly what most businesses are trying to achieve in marketing. The bigger your audience is, the greater are your chances of finding consumers who are interested in your products or services, and the greater your chances are for real business growth.

When users are more engaged at your website, they are much more likely to spend significant time at the site, rather than to abandon it and head to a competitor’s site. Also, the longer someone stays at your site, the more they’ll learn about your company, and the more likely it becomes that they will eventually become a purchasing customer. All the content which you’ve created on the social media can be presented to site visitors, along with accompanying videos, content, graphics, and articles to complement them.

With a social media plugin widget, you can either manually gather select social media feeds, or you can setup an automatic process which does all that for you, with no intervention necessary. A good plugin widget will also create layouts which are automatically optimized for whatever kind of device might be used by a person, e.g. mobile, laptop, desktop, etc.

Analyze your social media performance

Another great benefit from installing a social media plugin on your site is that you’ll have the opportunity to analyze how each of your social media platforms is performing, in terms of generating user interest. That can be a big help in determining what needs to be tweaked, or where you should be investing additional market spend to reach more targeted users. It will also help you see just who is listening to your message, and how your brand recognition is faring among specific segments of the Internet population.

The big picture on this kind of undertaking is that it can serve to streamline your social media operations, focus your marketing efforts, and actually reduce your costs in the process. With the higher conversion rates you experience from greater user engagement, you may also find that it contributes in a major way to fueling the kind of business growth that you’ve always been looking for.

Who can help you install social media plugins?

Business owners in the region around Puyallup, Graham, Kent, Tacoma, and Seattle should contact Connect Locals, LLC for this kind of service, as well as for help with local SEO optimization, website design and maintenance, and expert consultation on all website processes and technologies.