Connect Locals LLC Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is intended to standardize all actions relative to the collection, maintenance, usage, and disclosure of user information for all who avail themselves of the services and/or products provided by Connect Locals LLC. It is expected that by using our website, the terms of this Privacy Policy as outlined below, are fully agreed to.

Use of cookies

Our site may at times use cookies for the purpose of improving the overall user experience. These cookies may be used to record information about the user. Users will always have the option of invoking a browser setting which denies the possibility of cookie usage or to alert users to the impending presence of cookies.

Personal and non-personal information

We may attempt to collect personal information about users through various means, including order-placing, contact form submission, etc. When we ask for personal information, you will always have the right to decline, although by doing so, there may be certain site features which become unavailable to you. Non-personal information refers to such data as your browser, type of computer, IP address, operating system, and others, all of which we may collect in the interest of obtaining a better understanding of the typical hardware and software used by visitors.

Why we collect user data

There are a numerous of reasons why Connect Locals LLC feels it’s important to collect relevant data about our visitors:

  • Legal requirements – in some cases, we are obliged to gather data in accordance with local regulations and laws
  • Site improvement – data collection such as user feedback helps a great deal in making improvements to our site and keeping it relevant to what users want to see
  • Email contacts – we use emails to respond directly to users, to provide order updates, and to supply them with company news and updates. Users will always be given the option of unsubscribing to this email service.
  • Greater personalization – some data that we collect is used to personalize the user experience, and to make it more enjoyable
  • Payment processing – some personal data must be collected for the purpose of processing a user payment.
  • Fraud reduction – by asking users to create a personal account, or to provide very specific personal information, we can reduce the likelihood of fraud, which drives up costs and creates security issues
  • Better customer service – we can respond faster and more efficiently to your needs as a customer when we have information which allows us to do so.

User data protection and sharing

We conform to all industry standards for the storage and protection of user data, including usage of the most up-to-date security measures and software. When user data is communicated to our site, it is over Secure Socket Layers, for maximum security. There is no sharing or selling of user data on our part unless there has been explicit prior consent by a user. In some situations, we may share group information about trends, as long as no individual users can be associated with the group data.

Privacy Policy Changes

Occasionally, we may update this policy as needed, so it remains a faithful reflection of our commitment to protecting all user rights, as well as to protect our company from unwarranted charges. When we make such changes, the date of the change(s) will be clearly listed and will become the new ‘As Of’ date for the terms of the policy.

Acceptance of Terms

By using the Connect Locals LLC website, you are implicitly indicating your consent to all terms listed above.

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.
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Last Edited on 09/10/2017