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Mobile Web Designer, Tacoma, WA

Your best choice in the Tacoma, WA region for partnering with a modern, forward-thinking website design company, Connect Localls, LLC. Our skilled and innovative specialists are experts at helping businesses enhance and increase website visibility through the numerous services we provide, such as responsive web design, web development, graphic design, WordPress hosting and WordPress design, Local SEO, and website maintenance.

You may have clear ideas about how you’d like your new or upgraded website to look and function, or you may have no idea at all. We can work with you to help crystallize all your thoughts, and translate them into exactly what you hoped for, but didn’t know how to achieve. Our real specialty at Connect Locals is the process of combining your business knowledge with our technical expertise to create something that’s an actual expression of modern business and technology.

Website design and development

We are a Tacoma, WA website designer that understands how important your Internet presence is to your business, and how much it can do to help or hinder your position among rivals in your market. That’s why we make sure to get it right, from the first consultation until that day when your new site is launched online, and your new business objectives are unveiled. You’ll be taking a step into the 21st century online, and the whole online community will take note of your cutting-edge Internet presence.

Responsive web design

Because we recognize that the mobile market is one which simply cannot be ignored these days, we go to great lengths to be a mobile-friendly web designer that keeps this important market segment in mind during design and development. No matter which kinds of mobile devices users might have for accessing your site, responsive web design is necessary so that the same kind of display and functionality is available as on the more traditional devices.

WordPress design and hosting

There’s no questioning the dominance that WordPress has achieved as a website platform on today’s Internet since a full 25% of all sites are powered by it. The flexibility it provides and the compatibility with literally thousands of plugins make WordPress one of the most accessible and easy-to-work-with platforms in existence. As experienced WordPress web designers, we can establish your business on a WordPress site, so you’ll be able to easily make changes and updates, even if you lack I.T. or coding experience.

SEO and Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting your website ranked higher by those search engines which provide the results to users conducting online searches for information and services. At Connect Locals, our experts understand how those search engines work and what they consider of value when ranking sites for user relevance.

We can help incorporate all those principles into the design and development of your website so that more Internet traffic is funneled to your site, and your message gets heard by more visitors. We also specialize in helping you attract local clients by getting your business listed in all local directories, which are responsible for driving traffic to your company site.

Website maintenance

Many small businesses simply don’t have the expertise in-house to maintain a website and would prefer to leave that to the experts. Connect Locals provides all the routine maintenance services that you may be unable to manage yourself so that you can focus on doing what you do best, which is running your business smoothly. We can handle all the security updates, periodic company announcements, data backups, and WordPress upgrades or plug-ins so that you don’t have to worry about them. We make this service as convenient, flexible, and responsive as possible, offering monthly packages with no long-term commitment. You can also request service in any of three different ways, by email, phone call, or service ticket.