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Business websites are literally a window to the world, and it provides a look-through to everyone on the Internet who wants to glimpse a specific company. Just like a storefront, visitors are attracted by the aesthetics of the exterior but are then intrigued and satisfied by what’s inside, and that means a website has to be a whole lot more than just a flashy exterior.

The content of a website needs to bring value to visitors, the navigation should be intuitive and flawless, the functionality should be modern with call to action content, and all of this should be primarily targeting the local audience, in addition to the Internet masses. To get all these aspects of web design and development exactly right, one of the best decisions any company can make is to communicate with and collaborate with a company that understands web design intimately and incorporates its best principles into all services offered.

That’s the best reason for choosing us – Connect Locals, LLC.

Web Designer

Our team of designers has more than just years of experience in creating great web design – they have years of experience in Listening. We consider great listening to be Step 1 of the process which culminates in the successful design of a great website, one which includes all your business objectives and marries them to the most modern concepts in content, functionality, SEO, navigation, and local targeting.

Website Management/Maintenance

The Internet is an environment where new technologies and new ideas are appearing all the time, and it’s a full-time job for somebody just to monitor that constant change. We can handle all that and recommend site enhancements when they make sense for a company. And keeping a website up and running may be an under-appreciated service, but it’s one that is critical for business all the same.

Pay-per-click Marketing

There may be an area which has the potential to reap big rewards for a company because it can gain tremendous exposure for branding, which is always a good thing. By placing ads strategically across the web, a company name can achieve higher visibility with users, even when they don’t act on those ads to find out more about the business.

Content Marketing

Great content marketing is an absolute must on a website, and we at Connect Locals, LLC understand that after visitors are attracted to a site somehow, there has to be some real value provided to visitors, or they will quickly move on to another site. Working with clients to identify the message which needs to be conveyed, we can create useful, relevant, and interesting content that will encourage users to perform the desired action or position a client as an authority in their industry.

Web Hosting

We offer several levels of hosting services so that clients don’t need to be concerned with the daily task of ensuring that a website is up and running and providing value to visitors. That leaves managers and employees free to concentrate on what they do best, which is to satisfy the unique requirements of daily operations.

Post Instagram directly on the website

We have the tools and expertise to post Instagram feeds and photos directly on your site, to provide even more value and appeal to a business website. We can add this service to virtually any site, for clients who would benefit from the enhancement, offering a more satisfying and rewarding experience to visitors.

Web design services

Grow your business online with cost effective new generation web design

Websites are the way to attract customers. Whether you’re a start-up or a company that’s been around for ages, you could always do more to draw people to whatever you’re selling to them, you may be doing well, but at the end of the day if you had a new designer website available it could be even better.